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First presented in 1975, the Laureato is a true gem of sporting elegance. This seductive, daring and innovative watch is easily identifiable.The Laureato owes its name to its first certified chronometer versions. Now an authentic legend, the Laureato combines apparently irreconcilable qualities and revels in playing with paradoxes.

Discover week after week the facets of the Laureato.


From boldly architectural steel or super-light high-tech titanium, to the elegant classicism of pink or white gold and the radiant sparkle of brilliant-cut diamonds, Laureato covers a broad spectrum of contrasts.

Enlivened by fascinating plays on textures and materials, whether sturdy and technical or refined and precious, the soul of this timeless collection is more vibrantly than ever.



In producing its movements, Girard-Perregaux works with the most innovative technologies, particularly in the development and machining phases of the various components. The decoration, assembly and adjustment stages are entirely performed by hand, using traditional methods.

Long months at the bench are required to accomplish these feats, even though they often remain concealed beneath the steel or gold of the case.

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In 1971, Italian designer Adolfo Natalini said that any act of design must meet fundamental needs. In the absence of this, design would disappear. Four years later, when the Laureato was presented, it would seem that the architect in charge of the study had this thought in mind. With its sleek lines, easy wearability, unified case and bracelet, the Laureato was conceived to become an essential item, meeting fundamental needs.