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A time of practical elegance

Long before vintage became a trend, Girard-Perregaux conceived of a collection inspired by the finest in Art Deco design. With its solid rectangular case that curves to the shape of the wrist and numerals in a polished retro font, the Vintage 1945 takes you back to a time of practical elegance.

Curvaceous and geometric style

The sober lines of the Vintage 1945 evoke the aesthetic heritage of the early 20th century that Girard-Perregaux has so consistently espoused. In a tribute to Art Deco, the straight lines melt into curves and back again in perfect balance. The rectangular case places the Art Deco notion of geometry at the heart of its design.

Contemporary lines for a vintage watch image

Contemporary lines for a vintage watch

Vintage design for the modern connoisseur

The pieces in the collection reinterpret this vintage design code for today’s modern connoisseur. This includes the movement with a patented ‘grande date’ allowing for the full display of the digits. Designed for men and women, the collection delivers both universal beauty and functionality - time after time.

New creations
Discover the latest additions to the Vintage 1945 collection.

Vintage 1945 XXL Large Date and Moon Phases


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Our Vintage 1945 Selection

Vintage 1945 Earth to Sky Edition
Vintage 1945 Infinity Edition
Vintage 1945 XXL Large Date and Moon Phases
Our Vintage 1945 Selection

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