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High-tech materials image

High-tech materials

Research & Development has been at the heart of Girard-Perregaux’s creations from inception. The works of our R&D department allow us to present extremely innovative concepts like the very first high frequency calibre in the 1960s, the Gyromatic HF, beating at 36’000 vibrations per hour (5 Hz), awarded by the Neuchâtel Observatory for its exceptional performance. But the quest for excellence doesn’t end at the concept stage. It is sublimated by execution, showcasing high-tech materials with both aesthetical and functional qualities. All our collections are the fruit of a balance struck between tradition and cutting-edge technology.

A complex attire



This lightweight material comprises zirconium oxide and metallic oxides. The zirconium oxide selected by Girard-Perregaux is composed of an extremely fine powder, made of micro-beads, each measuring mere fractions of a micron in diameter (1 micron = 0.001mm). By using this specific grade of micro-bead, the structure of the bracelet and case exhibit a notably homogenous appearance. This latter attribute allows the craftspeople at Girard-Perregaux to finish the ceramic components with a combination of polished and satin finished surfaces, an endearing characteristic common to all Laureato models.

The ceramic components are particularly hard, up to seven times harder than steel, delivering incredible scratch resistance, a quality that will ensure the watch retains its showroom-fresh appearance for years to come. Another attribute of the ceramic components is that they will never age or fade with the passage of time. Furthermore, ceramic is unaffected by changes in ambient temperature, it’s light, hypoallergenic and proves remarkably smooth, all factors that deliver extraordinary wearer comfort.

Many advantages



Silicon’s benefits are multiple: it is neither susceptible to corrosion nor affected by changing temperature, is lightweight and impervious to magnetic fields. In addition, silicon’s low friction coefficient mitigates both wear and energy consumption. In 2013, we created an ingenious silicon blade for our award-winning Constant Escapement L.M. The silicium escapement spring, with an ultra-fine buckling blade at its centre, is made in a laboratory setting using a technique called ‘photolithography’. This elaborate process has allowed Girard-Perregaux to create intricately shaped components not achievable using traditional milling or stamping techniques. In this instance, Girard-Perregaux has exploited the high elasticity of silicium, the only material that allows the blade to repeatedly buckle and, in so doing, serve the balance with a constant force. The Neo Constant Escapement is the latest evolution of the Maison’s groundbreaking approach to master energy, incorporating an array of aesthetic and technical advancements.




Rated 9 out of 10 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness, sapphire is extremely hard to craft. At nearly 3,000 degrees Kelvin, fundamental particles merge under the effect of an incandescent flow of oxygen and dihydrogen. A raw block of sapphire crystal emerges from this process, which is then cut, machined, drilled, domed and polished using tools made from the hardest material in the universe: diamond. Sapphire’s crystalline transparency make it the perfect material to craft a case that would reveal all the intricacies of our mechanics, like on the Quasar and Laureato Absolute Light models. Did you know that 200 hours of painstaking work are required in order to machine and polish the case of a Quasar Tourbillon with Three Bridges?

Worldwide first

Carbon Glass


A worldwide first upon its introduction at SIHH 2019, Carbon Glass is a mix of carbon fibre and fiberglass compressed at high temperatures. Lightweight, 100 times more ductile than, the material has the added benefit of being 100% water-resistant. The raw aspect of its surface provides it with an audacious look, making it the perfect ally for our Laureato Absolute collection. In addition, the possibility to colour the fiberglass allowed for an assortment of grey, black or blue models, namely the Laureato Absolute Rock, Laureato Absolute Crystal Rock, Laureato Absolute Wired.

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