Casquette 2.0
Casquette 2.0
  • Limited edition

Casquette 2.0

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The original Casquette was produced from 1976 to 1978. During that period, Girard-Perregaux made 8200 examples of this innovative quartz watch. Over the years, it has become much sought after by watch aficionados and style conscious wearers. Now, the Casquette is back! Named the Casquette 2.0, this new model upholds the design language of the original but is now encased in ceramic and Grade 5 titanium. Moreover, it features a new quartz movement with additional functionality. Lastly, with its ergonomic case, the model’s size and design make it suitable for all.
Key features
Casquette 2.0
  • Watch
    • Case
      • Case material :
        black ceramic and titanium, titanium pushers
      • Diameter :
        42.40 x 33.60 mm
      • Thickness :
        14.64 mm
      • Case-back :
        titanium, secured by 4 screws
      • Dial :
        Tubular LED display
      • Water resistance :
        50 m
    • Strap
      • Strap material :
        ceramic with rubber interior
      • Buckle :
        titanium folding buckle
  • Movement
    • Calibre
      • Number :
      • Mechanism :
      • Winding direction :
      • Total Diameter :
        26.24 x 27.60 mm (-)
      • Height :
        6.40 mm
      • Frequency :
        32'768 Hz
      • Number of Parts :
      • Oscillating weight :
      • Power Reserve :
    • Functions
      • chronograph, date, day, hours and minutes, month, second timezone, seconds, secret date, year
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Casquette 2.0
Casquette 2.0
Casquette 2.0
Casquette 2.0
Casquette 2.0
Casquette 2.0

Welcome Back

Now the Casquette is back! This time, officially adopting the original moniker, it has been named the Casquette 2.0. It is housed in a scratch-resistant ceramic case and features a Grade 5 titanium caseback. Both the titanium and ceramic are hypoallergenic and light. Indeed, it has an exceptionally low mass of 107g, helping to augment wearer comfort. In fact, the new Casquette is more comfortable than ever. Rounding off this lightweight ensemble are titanium pushers and a titanium badge which is positioned atop the watch head and emblazoned with a period GP logo. The watch is supplied on a ceramic bracelet with a rubber interior which proves more flexible and comfortable than its counterpart fitted to the original Casquette. The bracelet it now paired with a folding titanium buckle. During the lifetime of the original Casquette, 8200 pieces were produced. Inspired by this latter figure, Girard-Perregaux has chosen to limit the production of the new Casquette to just 820 pieces.
The Calibre GP3980

The Calibre GP3980

The Casquette allows the wearer to view the time on demand, preserving battery life. In common with the original Casquette, this latest watch displays the hours, minutes, seconds, day, and date. However, the new movement comes with some additional functions, including the month, year, chronograph, second time zone and secret date. This latter function allows the wearer to save a memorable date of the wearer’s choosing. The secret date (date, month and year) can be shown each day at a time specified by the wearer e.g., a wedding anniversary.
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