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Heritage Documents

Don't keep your watch waiting any longer. Let's authenticate and celebrate its heritage together. Fill in the form and let the horological adventure begin! If you'd like to delve into the history of your Girard-Perregaux watch, our Archive Extract service is made for you. This service is reserved for watches not currently in the collection.

Girard-Perregaux guarantees the authenticity and continuity of its heritage.


The heritage documents do not simply bear witness to the past, but also to Girard-Perregaux's spirit of invention and watchmaking expertise. 

The manufacture is able to provide you with priceless heritage documents that illustrate the incredible wealth of its heritage. 

Firstly, the certificate of authenticity, which attests to the authentic origin of each piece and the materials of your timepiece, as well as the extract from the archives generated using the reference taken from our historic documents and including the production specifications for the selected watch.  

Certificate of authenticity
Certificate of authenticity
Our certificate of authenticity is the official seal that certifies that your watch, its movement, its materials and its components are authentic and conform to the original production specifications.

Carefully drafted by our experts, this legal document is the result of an in-depth analysis of your watch undertaken in our workshop in Switzerland. Please note that, before we can assess the authenticity of any timepiece you send us, our workshop will carry out an in-depth analysis to check both its operation and its water resistance. We will then share our findings with you in order to confirm the servicing work required. Our experts will then carry out a precise analysis of all the components before reassembling the watch, in order to preserve its excellence and intrinsic value. This certificate of authenticity will then be carefully packaged and sent out with your watch.

Please note that our certificate of authenticity does not include an estimate of the value of your watch.
Cost of the service alone
CHF 800 HT
Extract from the archives
Extract from the archives
We have been producing watches since 1791, and hold a collection of our treasures in our archives. If you own a Girard-Perregaux watch and would like to know more about its history, the extract from our archives is exactly what you need.

This historical search service is only available for watches no longer included in the existing collection. There is no charge if the search proves unsuccessful. Please note that the document provided in both French and English following the search does not guarantee the authenticity of your watch or its components. In addition, if you would like information on the commercial value of your watch, we recommend that you contact an auction house.
Cost of the service
CHF 200 plus tax
What is a certificate of authenticity?
The Girard-Perregaux certificate of authenticity is an official document that certifies that the watch, its movement, its materials and its components are authentic and conform to the original production specifications. This legal document is issued by our own experts and includes specific details relating to your timepiece.

Please note that the certificate of authenticity does not include an estimate of the value of your watch.
Why is a Certificate of Authenticity important?
Confidence and peace of mind: When you receive a Certificate of Authenticity for your watch, you can be sure that it is an authentic timepiece created and produced by our experts.

Added Value: The Certificate of Authenticity can also add to the value of your watch over time. It confirms its provenance and history, which can be important if you are a collector or art lover.

Traceability: The information contained in the Certificate enables you to trace the piece's history, including its creation and other important details.
How do I get it?
The certificate of authenticity will be issued following an in-depth analysis of your watch by our workshop in Switzerland. Following the analysis, the certificate will be posted to you along with your watch.

Please send your request to the following link:
How do you send your watch to us?
We recommend that you contact:
- One of our authorized dealers, which you can find at https://store.girard-perregaux.com/en
- One of our authorized service centres, which you can find at https://store.girard-perregaux.com/en?type=service-center

If you are unable to find a point of contact near to your location, you can use our shipping service. Detailed instructions can be found at https://www.girard-perregaux.com/row_eur_en/shipping-program

Legal notices: Girard-Perregaux shall not be held liable for any damage that occurs to the watch during transportation (e.g. impacts, humidity, unsuitable packaging).
How is the certificate issued?
The certificate of authenticity will be sent to you as a hard copy. It is carefully packaged and shipped with your watch.
How much does a certificate of authenticity cost?
The price of this service alone is CHF 800 plus tax
The price of this service as part of a repair or technical analysis service on your watch is CHF 450 plus tax
How long will I have to wait to receive my certificate of authenticity?
The lead time for issuing a certificate of authenticity is 30 to 40 working days from receipt of your watch at our premises in Switzerland.
It may be longer if your watch is being repaired.
How is my watch analysed?
Once the watch has been received, our workshop will assess its condition, in particular its water resistance. If the watch is operating correctly, our experts will be able to examine all of its components before reassembling it.
What happens if the watchmaker finds a problem with my watch?
If, while examining your watch, our watchmakers find that the timepiece needs to be serviced or restored, you will be informed of this. At your request, we will then provide you with a quotation for this work. We will only undertake any necessary repair work once you have approved the quotation.
In the event that a quotation for servicing/restoration is declined, Girard-Perregaux shall endeavour to return the watch in the same condition in which it was delivered to us. No claims shall be accepted.
What is an extract from the archives?
The extract from the archives is a document that contains complete information about a particular watch reference (calibre, dial, style, date of manufacture).

Please note that:
- This document is not a substitute for an official warranty or a certificate of authenticity.
-This document does not include an estimate of the value of your watch.
- This document is not an assessment of the condition of your watch.
How do I get it?
To obtain this document, please send us the details and photos of your watch.

You can send your request using the following link:
What information do you need to send us?
To enable us to locate the archives relating to your watch, we will need several photos of it, including the following information:
- The reference number engraved on the case
- The serial number, if possible
- The movement number

Please ensure that any photos you submit are clear and in the format indicated in the following diagrams.
It is important that you send us the 5 photos required; if you do not, we will be unable to process your request.
How can I take a photo of the inside of my watch?
You can visit one of our authorized dealers or authorized service centres to have the movement inside the watch and the inside of its cover photographed. Staff there are able to open and close your timepiece in a way that preserves its water resistance.
What happens if my watch is no longer water resistant?
You will then be able to request a repair quotation from our authorized service centre.
How is the extract from the archives sent?
The extract from the archives will be emailed to you in PDF format.
How much does an extract from the archives cost?
The price is CHF 200 plus tax

No charge will be payable our search is unsuccessful.
How long will I have to wait to receive my extract from the archives?
The lead time for receiving your extract from the archives is 20 to 30 working days after you send us your request via the following link: